Marco's PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6 Authentication for Joomla

Prestashop to Joomla bridgeThis Joomla! plugin allows to customers of a PrestaShop™ e-commerce to access to a Joomla! site without a new registration.

Joomla! is an excellent cms, but is not comparable to PrestaShop in the pure e-commerce use; here a smart  authentication bridge between the two worlds.

A plugin for PrestaShop and Joomla integration

Prestashop to Joomla bridgeThis plugin allows to use an existent PrestaShop e-commerce to authenticate its users on a Joomla installation.

It works exactly like the Joomla! Gmail Autentication plugin, and integrates PrestaShop with Joomla!.
This extension is also published on, if you like, it vote it or write a review, thank you. 


  • PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6 and Joomla Integration
  • plugin works on J2.5 and J3.x sites;
  • no need of double registration;
  • allows you to use PrestaShop for the e-commerce and Joomla! for the CMS;


Prestashop Configuration

Access the back end of your PrestaShop ecommerce, choose the "Webservice" item under the "Advanced Parameters" menu and then select "Yes" for the "Enable PrestaShop's webservice".

Now you need to create a new key for connectint to the server; see: for detailed instructions.

Please create a web service with the minimal privileges: you have to enable only the GET method for the customers resource

Last step recover the cookie key for password encryption. Open he file configuration/ in the Prestashop installation, locate the line with:

define('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'VeRy_lOnG_ANd_StrAnGE_StRInG');

Copy the VeRy_lOnG_ANd_StrAnGE_StRInG in the Prestashop cookie key parameter of the plugin configuration

This plugin doesn't support direct Db access. It's too dangerous to keep both the encryption key and the db credentials together. If someones hacks your Joomla! installation can also register himself as a prestashop's administrator. If you use the web service there is no way to hack PrestaShop from here.



the joomla logoJoomla Plugin Configuration

Simply download the plugin, install it and activate it:

  • URL of shop:
    Url of the PrestaShop installation, with the protocol and without the trailing slash. Like in:
  • WS Authorization Key:
    Authorization Key needed to access the PrestaShop web services
  • Prestashop cookie key:
    The _COOKIE_KEY_ value from the file configuration/ in the Prestashop installation


Note: Prestashop SEF URL must be enabled to use web services.


Download J2.5 and J3.x version for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6

This extension is also published on, if you like, it vote it or write a review, thank you.

Note: PrestaShop 1.6 is supported till version only, because PrestaShop's team did not release the new web service library.



0 #16 Loic 2015-03-03 21:08
Firstable thanks for the plugin.
I installed your plugin on the last version of joomla and I am using the last version of Prestashop.
unfortunatelly, I have an "Other error on PrestaShop host (enable debug)".
I mentioned in the plugin conf page the 3 fields and activated debug mode. I also enabled SEF URL.
However, I am not able to see any output of the error; there is no change when the debug mode is activated or not. Where could I find it?

Hi Loic,

latest prestashop version is not supported by the latest API library for prestashop ( try to force compatibility or wait for a new version.

ps: unfortunately, in a case like this, the only available debug is a php's debug :(

good luck,
0 #15 Francisco 2015-02-03 23:00
I still can bypass users prestashop to joomla using your plugin configure it and nothing happens maybe it's for permissions problem on the api key but I can not login with users prestashop to joomla and vice versa excuse me for not write in English but do not know English will translate with google
no puedo puentear los usuarios de prestashop con joomla utilizando tu plugin lo configure y no pasa nada talvez sea por problema de permisos en la llave api pero no logro ingresar con usuarios de prestashop a joomla ni viceversa disculpame por no escribirte en ingles pero no sé ingles lo traducire con google

"I still can bypass users prestashop to joomla ..."
sorry, but, really, I can't understand what it means: it does not make sense. search for an english speaking friend...
anyway, if you don't speak english, how can you read and understand the instructions supplied on this page?
0 #14 Francisco 2015-01-27 21:18
sigo sin poder puentear los usuarios de prestashop con joomla ya utilice tu plugin lo configure y no pasa nada talvez sea por problema de permisos en la llave pero no logro ingresar con usuarios de prestashop a joomla ni viceversa disculpa que no te escriba en ingles pero nose ese idioma lo traducire con google
I still can bypass users prestashop to joomla and use your plugin configure it and nothing happens maybe it's for permissions problem on the key but I can not login with users prestashop to joomla or contrary apology that you do not write in English but not that language will translate with google

Hi Francisco,
sorry, but I can't understand the translated text.
an example: you write 'disculpa que no te escriba en ingles' and google translate as 'apology that you do not write in English', but, because I'm Italian, I understood you wrote 'apology if I do not write in English'! anyway I'm not able to speak Spanish so I need you write in English.
0 #13 Vince Bodie 2014-11-26 21:56
Hi Marco,

I am getting this error when trying to log into Joomla 3.3.6 using Prestashop login info:

Failed to authenticate: Other error on PrestaShop host (enable debug)

I have enabled debug in your plugin. I searched PS admin for 'debug' and it showed these two options, which I both set to 'Yes':

Disable non PrestaShop modules
Disable all overrides

I enabled debug in Joomla but it made no difference.

I also swapped out the PSWebSer viceLibrary.php file as you suggested above.

What else can I try?

Hi Vincie,
'Other error on PrestaShop host' is an unknown error not strictly related to authentication.
you should enable debug only for the plugin and joomla then read carefully the output: here you will find details about the problem.

if you see an error code like status code 5xx you can check prestashop.

can you see the debug output fron plugin?

0 #12 Gabriele 2014-10-17 10:13
Ciao Marco, stiamo installando sul nostro sito in joomla 3.3.6 il tuo ottimo plugin. Abbiamo installato prestashop e aggiornato anche il PSWebServiceLib rary.php. Le key sono a posto, però quando ci registriamo su prestashop di qui (su joomla) non arriva nessun messaggio. Se proviamo a usare user e password di prestashop in joomla non dà errore, ma dice: Non puoi accedere all'area privata del sito.
È un problema della release di joomla o di prestashop? O dobbiamo settare il webservice in qualche modo particolare? Tieni conto che i 2 siti sono in costruzione e che non li abbiamo ancora "fatti vedere" agli utenti. Grazie per il tuo lavoro. Ciao.

ciao Gabriele,
non so di che messaggio tu stia parlando, il plugin serve solo per verificare che un utente sia registrato su PS ed abilitarlo su joomla.
Il plugin non è stato testato con nessuna delle versioni citate, visto che mi sono stufato di correre dietro a ps, comunque attiva il debug per verificare la risposta del sistema.
le impostazioni sono quelle descritte sul sito, ricorda che in ps il sef deve essere attivo perché funzioni il routing del web service

0 #11 Chris 2014-10-03 06:54
Hello Marco,

I see that the plugin doesn't work on PS and upwards.
Do you have idea when it will have that functionality?

Hi Chris,
a library for was released a few day ago.
You can download it from
and replace the file in the 'assets' directory (\plugins\authe ntication\marco prestashopauth\ assets\PSWebSer viceLibrary.php )

But it seems that prestashop's team has stopped working with future in mind, and I'm not going to follow them in every single little step...

0 #10 arman 2014-10-03 00:18

for store i like to use prestashop and for article use joomla

1- if i integrate with your plugin can i use rsmembership or something like that for making plan in joomla ?
2- i want to follow abandon cart with acysms that is for joomla,
is there any way ?
3- can i customize user registeration and request mobile number ?
4- will you customize it for me , and what is the fee and cost , please contact me by email .


Hi Arman,
I don't think It's a good idea to sell joomla subscription with prestashop: better if you use only a joomla extension.
May be you need a more complex extension to manage your project, anyway.

0 #9 garima 2014-08-07 12:24
Hi Marco,

I am using joomla version 3.2.3 and we cannpt able to single login in both joomla and Prestashop.

Please help!


Hi Garima,
you can log into joomla with a prestashop existing account, once you have configured both prestashop webservice and joomla plugin.
which prestashop version are you using? (is it supported?)

0 #8 Vangelis 2014-07-02 15:38
Hello Marco.
Just one question to clarify before my attempt to bridge presta & joomla.
What I need is to have a prestashop webshop but use joomla to build custom cms menu of this prestashop. So the prestashop will be the main platform and joomla will be used for enriching webshop's platform.
Is this plugin appropriate for this use?

I think it's ok.
0 #7 Guido 2014-06-15 17:59
Ciao Marco, vorrei porti una domanda in merito al modulo in oggetto. Sono riuscito a far autenticare gli utenti che si erano registrati in prestashop da joomla, ma quando provo il contrario non avviene. Il tuo modulo, è unidirezionale? Ossia, gli utenti che si sono già registrati in joomla, si possono loggare in prestashop con le stesse credenziali?
Grazie comunque del tuo lavoro.

==== Risposta
ciao Guido,
al momento il plugin funziona solo nel modo indicato e come sei riuscito ad usarlo.
per autenticare in PS gli utenti di joomla servirebbe un modulo per PS. tieni comunque presente che così come sono, gli utenti joomla non possono essere usati per PS (ad esempio PS richiede nome e cognome separati).

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