Buy me a Beer for Joomla!

Implementation of Buy me a beer in Joomla!This Joomla! plugin is a smart & funny way to get a donation without the need to specify ethical reasons.

Do you think my job is useful? Ok, buy me a beer, I just wanna have a drink, not save the world!

This plugin allows to take money using PayPal™'s donate feature by adding a snippet of code in your articles or into the sidebar of your site.

Differently from other plugins, this is a casual and friendly "Buy Me a Beer", for people who do not want to explain how the money will be used: server costs, time writing more posts, save trees...

Buy me a beer for Joomla! works on multilingual site; you can choose every text in the donation form, and you can translate texts using Joomla's language override feature. PayPal's interface language selection is automatic. You can use multiple forms per page.

Images available into buy me a beer for joomla

You can use the plugin also as a module by incapsulate it in to a 'Custom HTML' module.

Plugin comes with a series of images: beer, wine, but there are not only drinks, pizza, hamburger, and so on.



  • plugin works on multilingual site;
  • every text in the donation form can translated using Joomla's language override feature;
  • automatic PayPal's interface language selection;
  • multiple donations per page with multiple configuration;
  • images available for beer wine (red, white), coffee, cappuccino, pizza and hamburger;
  • plugin template supports override (J3+ only);
  • plugin also works as a module by incapsulating it in to a 'Custom HTML';




Joomla! has an email cloacking feature that encodes all email addresses found on the page, also if they are in a hidden field of a form; be sure that this plugin will be executed after 'Content - Email Cloaking', by changing the execution order of the plugins!

Simply download the plugin, install it and activate it:

  • Email for PayPal account:
    this is the ID of PayPal account
  • Name for donation:
    Your site name or your name; something like "Buy a beer for marco"
  • Form Legend(*):
    Introduction text for legend tag
  • Text for donate(*):
    The reason for donation, some reasons included ;)
  • Text for amount selection (*):
    Text for amount selection, written before the amount select
  • List of donation values:
    Comma separated values of amounts available, use dot for decimals. You can also leave blank this field
  • Currency:
    Currency to use in donation. currency must be supported by PayPal
  • Show credit cart logos:
    show the logos of the credit card accepted by PayPal
  • Select an image:
    select an image for donation
  • Load css:
    load the css and set the form orientation.

(*) You can use constant for text



You can use constant for specified text labels and translate them with Joomla's language ovveride facility.

Default constants are:

  • MBB_LEGEND (default: "")
    Introduction text for HTML legend tag
  • MBB_AMOUNT_QUESTION (default: "Be generous, please")
    Text to show for amount selection, printed before the select for amount values
  • MBB_BUY_OVERRIDE_ME (default: "override MBB_BUY_OVERRIDE_ME")
    Main text for donation. 

If you don't need multilingual feature you can type your text directly.


Use in Article text

Insert the plugin placeholder in your article, where you want to insert the donation form.


All values are taken by the configuration, anyway you can also override the configuration:

{marcobuymeabeer business="" item_name="" text="" legend="" amount_text="" amount_list="" currency_code="" image="" form_orientation=""}

All attributes override are optional, if you want, you can insert more than one place holder per page every one whith a different configuration.

Italic in plugin's placeholder it is only to avoid the execution of code.


Use as module

You can use Marco's buy me a beer plugin for Joomla! as a module, by inserting the plugin's place holder in to a "Custom HTML" module. Remember to set 'Prepare Content' option to 'Yes', this enables content plugins execution.


Plugin template override (J3+ only)

Create the directory /templates/[template name]/html/plg_content_marcobuymeabeer/ and copy the default.php template into it. Now you can edit the template file.


Of course, if you like this plugin... buy me a beer!!
remember: I like beer very much ;)

Note: this page is ITA, not ENG


Download J2.5 and J3.x version


_QQ__QQ_ not parsed by some servers... Sometime it happens to find _QQ__QQ_ instead of "" in the instructions on b.e. This is a PHP problem, but I do not know which is it. I just suppose it is related to PHP 5.2. under investigation.



0 #7 Andy Clarke 2016-05-16 14:27
When I use {marcobuymeabee r} in the atricle PayPal works OK, but if I use {marcobuymeabee r business="" item_name="" text="" legend="" amount_text="" amount_list="" currency_code=" " image="" form_orientatio n=""} to override the configuratuion I get the PayPal 'problem with email' error.
I need to override the configuration because I want the have several different Donate options and this seems to be the only way to do it.
+2 #6 Tom Costa 2015-02-18 12:33
Hey Thomas Gropius,
I think to open in a new page should be:
$obj->target = $this->params-> get('linkTarget ', '_blank');
But I am with difficult to let the select box to be short.
This are using all the space of the module.
Please, how may I fix it?
Thanks to all of you!

Hi Tom,
I think it's a problem related to your css, please check the width property of the select tag.

+2 #5 greg 2015-02-10 11:07

I got an error message on paypal window "We are not able to process this transaction due to a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the vendor. Please contact the seller to resolve this problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the link Ask seller a question in the listing page. When you have the correct email address, you can make payment at"

I check and double check, my paypal adress I use is the right one. I also use for this website in other module and it's working but not there.

Any help will be nice
Thanks in advance for your help



check the note above about the execution order of the plugins.

+1 #4 greg 2015-02-10 06:00

is there anyway to place each donation one next to other one in place of one under the orther one in the same page?

thansk in advance for your help

"Use the Css, Greg" ;)

you can use the css to put the boxes inline. there is more than one way to do it: you can use "float: left;" or "display: inline-block;", but which of above depends on your template.

0 #3 David 2014-12-17 12:31
Thank's Marco,
My bad. Thanks for your quick reply.
Grazie mille
+1 #2 David 2014-12-17 00:10
Nice one, but I´m having a problem. When I click on the "Donate button" the following message apears:

\n Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.
Volver al vendedorPagos con PayPal
Mensaje de error
[... omissis ...]

Could you help me?
Thanks in advance

Hi David,
pay close attention to this configuration note (it's in the page with a red marker):
Joomla! has an email cloacking feature that encodes all email addresses found on the page, also if they are in a hidden field of a form; be sure that this plugin will be executed after 'Content - Email Cloaking', by changing the execution order of the plugins!

+1 #1 Thomas Gropius 2014-10-02 19:45
Very nice and handy!
Is there a easy way to open the Paypal-Link in a new window instead of overwriting ?

Best regards

Hi Thomas,
you found a bug :(

open the file:
line 55:
$obj->target = $this->params-> get('target', '_top');
should be:
$obj->target = $this->params-> get('linkTarget ', '_top');

I'll fix it ASAP !

have a nice day,

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