Marco's parallax background scroller for Joomla!

Parallax background scrollerThis is a nice background scrolling effect with a simulation of a pseudo parallax effect. You can insert one or more image in your articles and define an horizontal stripe (view port) to see the images as they was really a landscape through a window. See this plugin in action!

A plugin for parallax background scrolling in Joomla!



  • Easy to use and configure
  • CSS3 and responsive
  • plugin works on J2.5 and J3.x sites;

This extension is also published on, if you like, it vote it or write a review, thank you. 

Kwown bugs

Does not works on all IOS devices.

Does not works on some Android devices (works on FF, but not on default Android 2.x browser or Dolphin).


This is not a bug, really, it's the not compliant support for CSS3  in these devices.



{marcoparallaxbground height="280" image="marco-parallax-fezzano.jpg" caption="Tellaro bay in a sunny day"}

Tellaro bay in a sunny day

the joomla logo Plugin Configuration

Simply download the plugin, install it and activate it:

  • Default image path
    Insert default image path, from site root, for relative path in image name. Starting and trailing slashes are required;
  • Default image
    Insert the default image name. You can use relative/absolute path or full URL of background image (see later);
  • Image Caption
    Enter text for the default image caption (if any);
  • Height of image
    Height of image on background. image should be almost 2 times the viewport;
  • Load css
    load default css styles;
  • css ID for container
    Set a css ID; left blank for auto ID;
  • Additional css styles
    Insert css rules for plugins (Load css must be enabled );


You can use the Additional css styles text area to insert specific css instruction for the pages with the scroll effect. now I used:

body{ overflow-x: hidden; }
aside{ position: relative; z-index: 10; }
.mmlImageInfoWrap{ text-align: right; padding: 5px; }

to avoid the horizontal scroll bar due the image and to let the menu float over image and for padding caption.


{marcoparallaxbground image="marco-parallax-laral.jpg"}


Plugin Parameters

Of course there is the remote possibility that you do not want the same image on each page. This is the reason why you can insert the plugin and specify the parameters:

Note: emphasis <em> in plugin code example is only to avoid plugin activation, you have to insert it as standard plain text!

Use: {marcoparallaxbground image="" caption="" height="" cssid=""}

  • image
    Insert the default image name. You can use relative/absolute path or full URL of background image.
    • if Image name strats with 'http' it is supposed to be an URL;
    • if Image name strats with '/' it is supposed to be an absolute path from site root;
    • otherwise it is supposed to be a relative path from the 'Default image path';
  • caption
    Enter text for the image caption;
  • height
    Height of image on background. image should be almost 2 times the viewport;
  • cssid
    css ID for container if you need a site unique css id, left blank for auto ID.

All attributes override are optional.

Download J2.5 and J3.x version

This extension is also published on, if you like, it vote it or write a review, thank you. 


0 #33 v s punn 2016-04-04 06:07
I need to display the background on all the pages of the website.
Do I need to add the plugin code to all pages, or is there any way to show on the complete web site.

Hi punn,
you can use a custom html module published on all pages.

0 #32 Peter 2016-02-13 22:47
Hi marco,

i use a artisteer-templ ate and it will not work to fill the hole
screen width with the jpg. I tryed out the position: relative and overflow: hidden to remove from the css without success.
This is my template:XXXXXXXXXX

Can you help me?


Hi Peter,
if your site is on line, may be I can help.
for sure you are a honest one, but, really, I should install untrusted php code on my server?

0 #31 marissa 2015-10-06 11:13
I have enabled the plug in, I have written the code in a custom HTML module and I check the prepare content in options of the custom module.
But In the site it's just shown up the code with the image as highlighter behind it.
I am using Joomla 3.4, Chrome browser, Wamp server and the protostar template. Unfortunately, my site is in local host, so I cannot uploaded.

Can you please explain me if there is anything I can do?
Thank you very much

Hi marissa,
did you check the source of the html code?
the setup seems ok, so I suppose there are extra characters in the plugin's placeholder.

let me know if it solves.

0 #30 marissa 2015-10-02 11:12
I download the plugin but I cannot understand how to activate it.
I put an image path and an image name in the fields, but it doesn t shows anything in the homepage.
I use the protostar template in joomla.

activate it like any other plugin ;)
check the source of the site's page searching for plugin output (it works, may be a css trouble) or {marcoparallaxb ground ...} placeholder (not enabled or not supported).
0 #29 roevka 2015-09-17 13:40
Hi thank you for the plugin. But I do not understand why the background is iný page width.

Can you tell me how?

====== Answer
Hi roevka,
did you mean that the background image doesn't cover the full width of the screen?
this is, usually, a css related issue, may be a "position:relat i ve" or "overflow:hidde n" into one of the containers of the image (div, body, ...)

ps: sorry for the delay :( , but your mail is wrong!!

0 #28 Seb 2015-05-28 13:56
i really love this plugin! Working great so far.
I have a little problem:
when using it together with " an wow.js"
the parallax scrolling stops, as long as an animation is playing. Is this a limitation of css? Any Idea how to overcome it

You can watch a fiddle here:

=== Answer
Hi Seb,
your page works fine with FF, poorly with IE and doesn't work with chrome...
I think this is a problem related to js engine + css renderer cpu consumption, try with a different js library...

sorry, no other ideas

bye marco
+6 #27 Pawel 2015-02-21 21:48
Hey Marco,

Would you be so kind and share some work instruction for dummies on hot to use it in Joomla 3.x?
I tried several ways but it never appears. I am sure that not only me would appreciate it.
Best Regards
-1 #26 Diabolka 2015-01-05 21:06
Is there a way to make text/headers float above the parallax when you are scrolling instead of having the caption below?


you can put the text over the image using css positioning, but this is not, as told, a real parallax: if you want the text to float over images, and text scrolling at different speed, you need to code a javascript program.
0 #25 Da Webmasta 2015-01-04 11:07
I love this plugin, but I notice that the parallax works not good with Internet Explorer. Problem is that Chrome and IE have a really NOT smooth scroll.. Especially when you scroll with the mouse wheel. So when you use the mouse wheel to scroll, the parallax effect is completely ruined. In Firefox instead the scroll is continous even when scrolling with the mouse wheel. Is there a way to have continous scrolling in IE and Chrome too? There are sites who work well on IE like but the developper did some workaround which you can find here: Can this work with Joomla?

hi Webmasta,
sorry, this is a browser related problem: you can solve it using a jquery library,l but you have to refer to library's author, anyway I suppose it should work also with joomla.
this plugin works only on css to avoid any javascript conflict.

0 #24 Fuquan 2014-12-23 12:33
Hi Marco,

Quick two question, 1) Does this work on a test (WAMP) llocal machine or does it have to be on the web? 2)the actual code below where are we supposed to put it? Is that in an article or should we create a custom HTML module? Using the code structure below in an article it seems not to be working as no picture loads. I have tried using a path (using the windows path structure as well) but no luck getting the image to show.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Fuquan

Hi Fuquan.
two quick answers ;)

1) yes, it works also on a local wamp
2) you can put the code in an article or in a custom html module, as you prefer (in a module you have to enable plugin processing for module, of course)

you can use ff/chrome code inspector and check carefully the path, I suppose here is the trouble.


{marcoparallaxb ground image="" caption="" height="" cssid=""}

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